Love in Sadness Pinoy Tambayan Latest Episodes

Love in Sadness is one of the most enjoyable dramas of the Philippines and started on March 12, 2020. Its story is based on Love and the pain because of Love.


The strength of Love is fading, and it is becoming harder and harder to do. During this time, will there be Love painful and lonely for the sake of Love itself? Love in sorrow is a love story that encompasses the fabulous destiny of Love and is so coveted that it ignores everything. In Love, the sense of ​​Love surpasses the world, overlooks pain and suffering, and pursues the fate of Love. 

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In the play, Ma Ri is a beautiful girl who marries a wealth that looks like a perfect life. Ironically, her husband, In Wook, looks more obsessed and rude than an ideal husband. When he pushed her too far, she turned to honest, smart, and handsome plastic surgeon Jung Won for help. When he agreed to help her get rid of her husband’s hand, they fell in Love. But obsessed with her In Wook will not let her get free of her control. Following these two actors go on a steep road of Love. After Xu Zhengyuan saw his abuse. Then he started to do something on his face and started a new life with a new identity.

Watch today the full episode of Love in Sadness Online March 12, 2020. Watch Pinoy Tambayan‘s official Filipino channel broadcast “Love in Sadness” on March 12, 2020, online. You Can Watch Latest Episodes in HD Formate of Pinoy Tv

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